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Video Links

Interview with David Crabtree of WRAL-TV on sexuality and the Church

Statement at the North Carolina legislature  on the proposed ban on same-sex civil marriage

Video on voting and being a neighbor via Patheos


Most recent short pieces

Restless Heart Syndrome: When Bad Movies Happen to Good People,” Religion Dispatches

Ill-Behaved Women,” The Christian Century

The Other Duke List,” The Christian Century

Come Together to Combat Torture,” Sojourners

Eating Chocolate for Lent,

Post-Heroic Ministry,” Prism Magazine

This is the Way the World Ends: A Conversation Between Amy Laura Hall and Kara Slade on Domination and Solidarity in Young Adult Dystopias,The Other Journal

Recent and noteworthy (plus some old favorites)

Trinity and Moral Life: Julian’s Trinitarian Logic of Love and Contagion,” from The Oxford Handbook on the Trinity

Charles Kingsley’s Christian Darwinism,” from Theology After Darwin

“Whose Progress? The Language of Global Health,” Journal of Medicine and Philosophy

The Irreproducible Gift: Musings on Christ and Biotechnological Reproduction,” Journal of Lutheran Ethics (at the ELCA website)

Poets, Cynics, and Thieves: Vicious Love and Divine Protection in Kierkegaard’s Works of Love and Repetition,” Modern Theology

Self-Deception, Confusion, and Salvation in Fear and Trembling with Works of Love,” Journal of Religious Ethics

Other articles

A Reflection on the Churches’ Doctrine of Humanity,” North Carolina Council of Churches (concluding essay)

A (Bad) Mother’s Day?,” Purpose Driven Connection

Better Homes and Children,” Books and Culture (behind paywall)

Complicating the Command: Agape in Scriptural Context,” Annual of the Society of Christian Ethics

Finding the Human in Christian Bioethics,” Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity

For Shame?: Why Christians Should Welcome, Rather Than Stigmatize, Unwed Mothers and Their Children,” Christianity Today

Good Breeding: The Eugenics Temptation,” The Christian Century

In What Sense Equal?,” The New Atlantis

Losing and Using Our Children,” Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity

Making Prenatal Choices,” The Christian Century

The Misuse of Embryos,” The Christian Century

The ‘Radical Edge’ of Critical Familism,” Marty Center, University of Chicago

Ruth’s Resolve: What Jesus’ Great-Grandmother May Teach about Bioethics and Care,” Christian Bioethics

Theology and Social Theory and Its Significance for Community-Building: A Conversation with John Milbank,” Virginia Seminar on Lived Theology (transcript of discussion)


Audio Links

Conservative and Liberal Bioethics, Part 1,” Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity

Conservative and Liberal Bioethics, Part 2,” Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity

H. Orton Wiley Lecture Series in Theology, Point Loma Nazarene University (See release date 9/14/10, full recordings available on iTunes)

Mothers’ Day/Mother’s Day,” sermon preached at Trinity UMC, Durham, NC, May 18, 2011

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