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[Video] “I’m really good at bringing up tricky subjects wherever I go.”

If you work with youth, this would be a very useful video for starting conversations about Christian ethics, culture and moral formation, and related topics. Rated G, for General Audiences. No “very tricky subjects” involved here; it’s thoughtful rather than provocative. Warmest wishes from us to all of you: for a blessed fourth week in Advent, and safe travels if you are leaving town for the holidays. Whatever town that may be. KNS

The Rev. Dr. Amy Laura Hall, with David Crabtree of WRAL-TV (AKA The Rev. David Crabtree, vocational deacon in the Episcopal Church).  

Interview with David Crabtree of WRAL-TV

Amy Laura recently sat down with David Crabtree of WRAL-TV to discuss life in families, politics, and Christian ethics in general.  Click here for the QuickTime audio of the interview (approx. 15 minutes).

Coming soon: ALH on going “Home for the Holidays.”

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